Word Origin late 18th cent. At this point in time, coffee drinkers around the world described Yemeni coffee as having an earthy or chocolatey flavour. A caffè mocha (/ ˈ m ɒ k ə / or / ˈ m oʊ k ə /), also called mocaccino (Italian: [mokatˈtʃiːno]), is a chocolate-flavoured variant of a caffè latte (Italian: [kafˈfɛ lˈlatte]). Mocha definition: a strongly flavoured dark brown coffee originally imported from Arabia | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples ‘A mocha coffee typically contains 350 calories and a large muffin has 500 calories, so be prepared to take at least a two-hour hike to walk off your breakfast.’ ‘He looked as if he wanted to say more, so I silenced myself, but he took his time by first blowing at the surface of his mocha coffee … The mocha usually comes in a 10-12 ounce cup. While not all Yemeni coffee was of the Mocha variety, confusion and the name of the port led to it being labelled as such. c. A coffee beverage flavored with milk, sugar, and cocoa. Other commonly used spellings are mochaccino and also mochachino.The name is derived from the city of Mocha, Yemen, which was one of the centers of early coffee trade. See mocha in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: mocha According to most coffee enthusiasts, the mocha is a remix of the latte. You need to set the YouTube API Key in the theme options page > API Keys. b. According to the mocha definition, a mocha is made with an even ratio of chocolate to espresso. How to pronounce the name mocha. : named after Mocha, a port in Yemen on the Red Sea, from where the coffee was first shipped. A mocha can be made with standard hot chocolate, but you can also use chocolate syrup. A rich pungent Arabian coffee. Mocha definition is - the small, irregular-shaped coffee beans of plants grown in the mountainous regions of Yemen that produce an earthy, strong coffee of usually medium to high acidity; also : the coffee prepared from mocha beans. Define mocha. How to pronounce mocha. Coffee of high quality. mocha synonyms, mocha pronunciation, mocha translation, English dictionary definition of mocha. Mocha definition, a seaport in the Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea. Learn more. Typically, the ratio is ⅖ chocolate, ⅖ espresso, and ⅕ milk. Steamed milk is then added but in a smaller quantity. See more. Mocha Coffee Recipe, Beans, Calories, Pronunciation & Maker. n. 1. a. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. (Audio and phonetic pronunciation) The mocha is an espresso beverage that also includes hot chocolate, which makes it perfect for those who do not like the typical bitter coffee flavors, but do like something a little sweeter. How to say mocha. How to use mocha in a sentence.

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