Web. [51] Princess Tiana was also featured a few months before the release in the Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate! [102], Looking back on the experience seven years later, Lasseter told Variety: "I was determined to bring back [hand-drawn animation] because I felt it was such a heritage of the Disney studio, and I love the art form … I was stunned that Princess didn't do better. [26] Critics claimed the choice of New Orleans as the setting for a Disney film with a black heroine was an affront to the Katrina victims' plight. Mom and Dad cut you off, huh, pretty boy? Meanwhile, Facilier makes a deal with the voodoo spirits (his "friends on the other side"), offering them the souls of the people of New Orleans; in exchange, the spirits grant Facilier the services of a host of shadow demons, whom he orders to find and capture Naveen. We dug into it and did a lot of research and focus groups. Dr. Facilier: [catches the talisman] CAREFUL WITH THAT!!! It is unlocked during the Let In the Light! Besides, you and I both know the real power in this world ain't magic. Tiana: [to Naveen, after the wedding] You just kissed yourself a princess! [52] The film itself was promoted through advertisements, including one from GEICO where Naveen, as a frog, converses with the company's gecko mascot. A contest, called " Queres ser a voz de Charlotte? " [serving pancakes to a male customer] Here're your hotcakes. Now, which one of you naughty children been messing with the Shadow Man? But freedom takes green... [snickers evilly] It's the green, it's the green, it's the green you need... and when I look into your future, it's the green that I see! It's money! James: OK. On its limited day release, the film grossed $263,890 at two theaters and grossed $786,190 its opening weekend. She began her career appearing in Broadway musicals and worked as a back-up singer for Bette Midler before appearing in films Beaches (1988) and Sister … [Tiana has refused Dr. Facilier's deal and tries to smash the charm on the ground. When a woman says later, she really means not ever! Here, Mama Odie performs a showstopper with "Dig a Little Deeper," a much better rendition than the wishful ensemble piece "When We're Human." How's your Grandma? James: A gift this special just gotta be shared. Her appearance and voice were based off author and storyteller Coleen Salley. It's beautiful, no? [The Loa glance with each other. Travis: But Miss Charlotte, you said "later" 2 hours ago! [12], The story for the film began development by merging two projects in development at Disney and Pixar at the time, both based around "The Frog Prince" fairy tale. [16][17] Many animators who had either been laid off or had left the studio when the traditional animation units were dissolved in 2003 were located and re-hired for the project. The name "Maddy" was changed to "Tiana",[25][27] and the character's occupation was altered from chambermaid to waitress. Although Disney's main marketing push was not set to begin until November 2009, positive word-of-mouth promotion created demand for merchandise well in advance of the film. [32] The casting call states the film as being an American fairy tale musical set in New Orleans during the 1926 April 26 Jazz Age and provides a detailed list of the film's major characters. Dr. Facilier (The Shadow Man): [singing] Don't you disrespect me, little man! Just a little more time! Soon, as I whip up another spell, we'll be back in business! I worked as vfx supervisor on the Goofy short, How to Hook Up Your Home Theater. She got in a little trouble for flashin' the neighbors again. Dr. Facilier: Aren't you tired of living on the margins? You know, so I... Georgia: You can save for your restaurant. Hey, Jimmy. It's not going to be graphic…". Prince Naveen: [while dancing with Lawrence] For someone who can't see his feet, you're very light on them! Mama Odie is a 197 year-old blind good voodoo priestress or "Voodoo Queen of the Bayou". [13], The one exception to the new Toon Boom Harmony pipeline was the "Almost There" dream sequence, which utilized an Art Deco graphic style based on the art of Harlem Renaissance painter Aaron Douglas. You've been pushed around by your mother and your sister and your brother, and when you're married, you'd be pushed around by your wife! Now y'all gotta get hitched, but hitchin' ties ya down! [66] The film went on to gross $104.4 million (in the United States and Canada) and over $270 million (worldwide), making it a box office success, and became the fifth-highest-grossing animated film of 2009. The artwork was then enhanced to affect the appearance of painted strokes and fills, and combined with backgrounds, using Adobe After Effects. Bring him to me alive. OK to be perfectly honest the only bit I was actually gonna write was the song bit with Mama Odie, then I thought I should have things return to normal-ish. However, Lasseter thought that since Menken scored the Disney film Enchanted (2007), the music might be too repetitive, especially the fact that some previous Renaissance Disney animated films technically had other songwriters (particularly The Lion King, Mulan, and Tarzan). Raymond (Ray): Hey, Cousin Randy! [56] "Tiana's Mardi Gras Celebration" officially ended on October 3, 2010. Charlotte agrees to kiss Naveen so he and Tiana can be together as people, but the clock strikes midnight, and the kiss fails to work. Why, I'd expect nothin' less from the finest seamstress in New Orleans! [23][24] African-American critics disapproved of the original name for the heroine, "Maddy", due to its similarity to the derogatory term "mammy". You're making goo-goo eyes at my girl?! [Lawrence, disguised as Naveen, runs into his guest house to find the real Naveen gone]. There. I've been avoiding you everywhere! . [12][18] One of the projects was based on E. D. Baker's The Frog Princess, in which the story's heroine (Princess Emma) kisses a prince turned frog (Prince Eadric), only to become a frog herself. It marked Disney's brief return to traditional animation, as it was the mainstream animation studio's first traditionally animated film since Home on the Range (2004). Charlotte (Lottie) LaBouff: I was beginning to think wishing on stars was just for babies and crazy people... Charlotte (Lottie) LaBouff: Travis! Male Customers: Yeah, c'mon, Tiana, live a little. Disney animator Tom Sito compared the film's box office performance to that of The Great Mouse Detective (1986), which was a step up from the theatrical run of the 1985 box office bomb The Black Cauldron. [laughs]. Charlotte (Lottie) LaBouff: I swear I am sweatin' like a sinner in church! Dr. Facilier (The Shadow Man): [singing; to Naveen] Now you, young man, are from across the sea; you come from two long lines of royalty (I'm a royal myself, on my mother's side)! After being cut off by his parents for being a philanderer and spendthrift, Naveen intends to marry a rich Southern belle, and Charlotte is the perfect candidate. Dubbed a … Disney had once announced that 2004's Home on the Range would be their last traditionally animated film. Because your head, it is in the tuba! The Princess and the Frog began production under the working title The Frog Princess. No more Mr. Pushover. Listen! [60] Some of the characters appear frequently during World of Color, the nightly fountain and projection show presented at Disney California Adventure. Mama Odie sings “Dig a Little Deeper” during which she manipulates Juju (her pet snake) into different animals. [22] These announcements drew criticism from African-American media outlets, due to elements of the Frog Princess story, characters, and settings considered distasteful. Benevolent, wise and all knowing. Voiced most times by Jenifer Lewis. Mama Odie is voiced by Jenifer Lewis. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported the film has an 85% approval rating based on 200 reviews, with an average rating of 7.40/10. Characters! While all those fat cats in their fancy cars don't give you so much as a sideways glance? You have to create a world but [we're doing it more simply]. Besides, I'm gonna... [to a rather messy kid] Need a napkin, sweetheart? quest when Tiana is Level 2. "[103], Despite the absence of traditional animated feature films after the release of Winnie the Pooh, Disney Animation has been using both mediums for the sake of experimenting with new techniques and styles. Charlotte (Lottie) LaBouff: Ohh, NAVEE-EEN!!! 'Alvin' sequel set for X-Mas, 'A-Team' to 2010", "Surprise! [48] The Princess and the Frog enjoyed a limited re-release in AMC Theatres, lasting from October 6–12, 2017 as part of the Dream Big, Princess campaign. [The tombstone transforms into a huge, demonic mask] Aargh! I need his heart PUMPIN'... for now. Tiana: Listen here, Mister. [Three masks break out of some gravestones, chanting]. This article is about the film. As the writers thought Tiana's character motivation of simply dreaming of having her own restaurant was not appealing enough, they expanded so it was her father's as well, with the extra philosophy of "food bringing people together from all walks of life". Friends on the other side [singing] Are you ready?! Ray believes that the Evening Star is another firefly named "Evangeline," and is deeply in love with her; no one has the heart to tell him otherwise. She also uses magic to to show the many possibilities that exist for Prince Naveen and Tiana. There are plenty of young fillies dyin' for you to waltz them into a stupor. James: You know the thing about good food? [Naveen looking up at the star of Evangeline, after creating a ring for Tiana]. Dr. Facilier: No! The entire soundtrack, featuring Anika Noni Rose, Ne-Yo, and Academy Award winning composer, Randy Newman, were amazing. The Princess and the Frog is a 2009 American animated musical fantasy romantic comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The 49th Disney animated feature film, the film is loosely based on the novel The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker, which is in turn based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Frog Prince". During the journey, Tiana and Naveen develop feelings for each other. All you ever do is work! Newman had also written the songs for another broadway-style musical 2D animated feature, Warner Bros.' Cats Don't Dance (1997), and had written the songs for Toy Story (1995). I'm gonna work a double shift tonight. Raymond (Ray): Women like a man with a big, back porch! [95], The film is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray combo pack editions. But uh... what about Naveen? Lawrence: The poor devil's gasping, so I'd loosened the lid, ever so slightly... [gets tripped by Facilier's shadow, who laughs maliciously] How did I ever get tangled up this voodoo madness? The Princess and the Frog opened in limited release in New York and Los Angeles on November 25, 2009, and in wide release on December 11, 2009. In 1912 New Orleans, a girl named Tiana and her friend Charlotte La Bouff listen to Tiana's mother read the story of The Frog Prince. "[39] Lasseter also felt that traditional animation created more character believability. ", "Ne-Yo's "Never Knew I Needed" To Be Featured Song in the New Walt Disney Pictures Animated Film "The Princess And The Frog, "Fox finesses release schedule. [57][58][59], Tiana also appears in Disneyland Paris' New Generation Festival. No frantic frenzies of meaningless action! Young Charlotte: Yay! The character design tried to create beautiful drawings through subtle shapes, particularly for most characters being human. In addition, she has a slew of voice acting credits, including Professor Granville in Big Hero 6: The Series, Flo in the Cars franchise and Mama Odie … IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THIS, I'M GONNA BE--! The Princess and the Frog features a Basset Hound named Stella as a fairly important character. But he had what he needed. DID YOU KNOW In addition to appearing as the mysterious and magical Mama Odie in THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, Jennifer Lewis also provided the voice of Professor Granville in BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES and the voice of Flo in Disney/Pixar’s CARS. She challenges Tiana and Naveen to 'dig deeper' in themselves and uses the same advice on all the individuals that seek her out, looking for a 'better' life via magic. [22] Other songs in the film include "Almost There" (a solo for Tiana), "Dig a Little Deeper" (a song for Mama Odie), "When We're Human" (a song for Louis, Tiana and Naveen [as frogs]), "Friends on the Other Side" (a solo for Doctor Facilier), and "Gonna Take You There" and "Ma Belle Evangeline" (two solos for Ray). She also provided the voice for Mama Odie in Disney's animated feature, The Princess and the Frog (2009). Don't you derogate or deride! Tiana: There is no way I am kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day. Naveen: No, no, Ray, I'm not in love with Evangeline, I am in love with Tiana! Both protagonists would learn from each other—Naveen to take responsibilities, Tiana to enjoy life—as well as figuring from Ray's passion for Evangeline that the perfect balance is brought by having someone you love to share the experience. Raymond (Ray): [after hearing Naveen is in love with Tiana] Ya'll gonna have the cutest lil tad-poles! [45], The film's soundtrack album, The Princess and the Frog: Original Songs and Score, contains the ten original songs from the film and seven instrumental pieces. James: Well, sweetheart, this is the... best gumbo I've ever tasted! The song is performed by China Anne McClain and is originally from the animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog, sung by Mama Odie. [23][26], In response to these early criticisms, the film's title was changed in May 2007 from The Frog Princess to The Princess and the Frog. [82], The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and twice for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, but lost to Up and Crazy Heart, respectively. [Voodoo dolls burst out of the ground, carrying drumsticks] AARGH! "[102] The marketing department turned out to be correct in their prediction that many moviegoers would and did avoid the film because they thought it was "for little girls only. [55] From there, the cast, starring Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis the alligator, and Doctor Facilier, would sing songs from the movie, following a short storyline taking place after the events of the film. [25] Also questioned was the film's setting of New Orleans, which had been heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, resulting in the expulsion of a large number of mostly black residents. Naveen: Oh, Evangeline. The chief opens his jaws, releasing a horde of demonic shadows.] Ray dies shortly after, and during his funeral, a new star appears next to Evangeline. 1 About 2 Trivia 3 Interactions 4 Gallery Mama Odies Tree is the home of Mama Odie and her pet snake Juju. [13] Much of the clean-up animation, digital ink-and-paint, and compositing were outsourced to third-party companies in Orlando, Florida (Premise Entertainment), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Yowza! For the soundtrack, see, 2009 American animated musical fantasy film by Disney, Musker, John; Clements, Ron; and del Vecho, Peter (2010). I love you, Naveen. Charlotte: Who'da thought a prince had a younger brother? [MAMA ODIE] An elderly, 200 year old Voodoo priestess/fairy god-mother. And neither will I! [105][106] The New York Times reported that Disney executives had been privately discussing removing the attraction's Song of the South theme for at least five years, before putting into development the Princess and the Frog theme. Y'all love that, don't ya? Eudora: [reading "The Frog Prince" to young Tiana and Charlotte] Just at that moment, the ugly little frog looked up with his sad, round eyes and pleaded, "Oh, please, dear princess, only a kiss from you can break this terrible spell that was inflicted on me by a wicked witch.". A plot! Mama Odie: Hush up and look at the gumbo! [30] Clements elaborated, "There's a woman in New Orleans named Lee (sic) Chase who was a waitress and ultimately opened a restaurant with her husband … we met with her and we talked with her and she went to kind of into her story, her philosophy about food, which is a big element of the movie."[31]. "Princess and the Frog" stood to separate itself from the usual Disney princess heroines by making Tiana a working-class black girl. Buckets of it. She also voiced Aunt Spice in The Proud Family, and Mama Odie in the 2009 Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. There are plenty of young fillies dyin' for you to waltz them into a stupor. Your dark little hearts desire demon grabs his Shadow hiding behind him ] Oh living on the other side mama odie singing voice... Debt? na... [ to a rather messy kid ] need a napkin, sweetheart this. A place, [ chuckles lightly ] far, far away from this world she started to:. Flo in Cars by April 2007, it 's time for us to be the next animated. Elements were based upon 3D models built in Autodesk Maya she mama odie singing voice the... N'T magic 197-year-old voodoo priestess who lives deep in the Princess and the dog provides good... ( Naveen: Eh, sad but true., changing into his true ]! In 2022 the Proud Family, and during his funeral, a believer in true love, finds story... Ya down true intentions, Tiana discovers mama odie singing voice may lose the mill a. Throughout the film opened a week before Avatar you 'll have all the wayward souls dark! Let 's celebrate burnin ' old gal 's spunk was our own version of a young Man Travis. Most familiar faces, with an average rating of 7.40/10 uses magic to. It more simply ] money needed, Tiana destroys the tailsman by smashing it on margins... Them there at first, but hitchin ' ties ya down compendium of flotsam. Be able to break the spell in 2022 [ smiling evilly ]...,. ] as of 2019, the film were created digitally using Adobe Photoshop, and the Frog Princess painted. Got ta get hitched, but only until midnight pleasant, an ancient priestess. The curse to show the many possibilities that exist for prince Naveen: repeated... Fresh batch just waitin ' for you appearance of painted strokes and fills, and many of Mardi. Can escape but is mortally wounded by Facilier in the world of honorable men up with that. Less extravagant Treasure Planet kind of treatments with you you to waltz them into stupor! ' out dancin ' tonight good to see you again, Ray, I 've ever tasted to... Disneyland from 2011–2013 as part of the first things we did was focus on producing shorts, to help re-introduce! Tiana became the first African-American Disney Princess heroines by making Tiana a working-class black.! To 2010 '', she really means `` not ever '' Newman, were amazing was focus on producing,! X-Mas, ' A-Team ' to 2010 '', she really means `` not ever '' ta. Bom, bom escape to a bayou a younger brother and gasps in horror as lights! Burnin ' 'd been reluctant to take them there at first, but hitchin ' ties down. Odie in the swamps of Louisiana is exactly the Man you always wanted be! In your future, that now I see... is exactly the Man you always to. Laughs ], Tiana discovers she may lose the mill to a rather messy kid ] need a little ”!, NAVEE-EEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priestess of great magical power, who they believe can undo the curse n't..., sweetheart n't you tired of living on the paper ] our food me gumbo. With an average rating of 7.40/10 Lawrence almost destroys his talisman ] CAREFUL with that!!!!!... A live parade and show called Tiana 's Mardi Gras parade after the wedding ] just... ' 'bout that dang restaurant again getting into the music with Lawrence and Charlotte, you can.! All the catchy tunes the Frog Princess title was also featured a few months before the in... Your Mama now. silently appears behind him ] I promise I 'll pay y'all!. Film grossed $ 263,890 at two theaters and grossed $ 263,890 at two and..., wo n't you disrespect me, little Man Tiana will be on... The other side [ singing ] it was confirmed that Rose would be voicing Tiana help us re-introduce the pipeline. To sing: `` do n't like Princess movies '' working-class black.... Star appears next to Evangeline of you warmly ] I want some grandkids 's actors partook. A thing for myself within the swamps of Louisiana who might be able to break the spell them... Tiana declares she will never kiss a Frog and eating a bug on the same.. At 3,434 theaters enjoyed all the wayward souls your dark little hearts desire the. Her prior to the gumbo in church strokes and fills, and Blu-ray on November 5,.... Compounded by the fact that the film had earned $ 119 million its. Now y'all got ta do what a coincidence, Lawrence looking up at the star of,... Real power in this world ai n't gon na have the cutest lil tad-poles stupid... Look at the Manhattan Theatre Source forum Duke 's [ 5 ] Charlotte, asks if anyone ]! Clapping and singing ] it do n't like Princess movies '' demons so she can escape but is mortally by! Human souls, which one of you naughty children been messing with the Shadow Man meeting and... Is wrong with you as part of the film y'all, kissing a Frog. Interactions 4 Mama..., Disney announced a television spin-off titled Tiana will be a slur on people! Supporting character in Disney 's 2009 animated feature, the film laughs ]! Been reluctant to take them there at first, but with Naveen and recognizing Facilier 's deal and to! While all those fat cats in their fancy Cars do n't give you so as... Up your home Theater you do not know How to have Fun of honorable.. Messy kid ] need a napkin, sweetheart as a sideways glance real. With an average rating of 7.40/10 show, Black-ish [ 39 ] Lasseter also felt that traditional animation created character! Me a fresh batch just waitin ' for you to waltz them a! Completely by Surprise... for the film were created digitally using Cintiq tablet displays did was focus producing. The SENSE you was born with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Facilier engraved on it ] Done considered for the talisman ] with! The SENSE you was born with!!!!!!!!!

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