The USING(join_column_list) clause names a list of columns that must exist in both tables. Core query for joining two tables in MySQL,PHP - Codeigniter Performing a Cross-Join. You can use JOINS in SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements to join MySQLi tables. In last section about inner joins, we have seen that inner join can return data from two or more tables based on one or more join columns of common values.With outer join, we are able to retrieve data that have NO common values in the join columns. I want to select all entries from tb1 that are NOT in tb2. For each row in the left table, the left join compares with every row in the right table. Join multiple tables using both – INNER JOIN & LEFT JOIN. In MySQL the INNER JOIN selects all rows from both participating tables to appear in the result if and only if both tables meet the conditions specified in the ON clause. Here we have used PHP PDO connection to connect to MySQL database. Then, we copy the markdown content across tables using SET: e.content_markdown = c.markdown. In above JOIN query examples, we have used ON clause to match the records between table. in following examples we will be using different type of joins to understand the impact on each result set. A MySQL JOIN is performed whenever two or more tables are joined in a SQL statement. Example